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Objects and Pixels and Paths, Oh My!

Here’s the promised follow up on last week’s post where we compared vector and raster images. Now we’ll uncover why it matters (or when) in regards to your marketing, such as when you’re ordering company shirts or talking to your … Read More

What’s Your Vector, Victor?

So you have a client (or you are the client) ordering a promotional item to hand out to their clients. Grrreat! They decide on their handout of choice and you say, “OK, I’m going to need your logo in a … Read More

Is Your Business Wearing Mismatched Socks?

Put yourself in this scene: you’re networking (formally or casually), you’ve introduced yourself, shaken hands with a new acquaintance and are getting ready to talk about your business, when all of the sudden you point out the socks you’re wearing don’t match. Wait, what? Can … Read More


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