Accessibility Statement

My commitment to digital accessibility.

Mighty Spark Design is committed to providing a fully accessible website experience for all users of all abilities, including those who rely on assistive technologies like screen readers, screen enlargement software, and alternative keyboard input devices to navigate the web.

Ongoing Efforts to Ensure Accessibility

I follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) version 2.2 as my guiding principle for determining accessibility. These are internationally agreed-upon standards that cover a wide range of recommendations and best practices for making content useable. As I add new pages and functionality to my site, all designs, code, and content entry practices are checked against these standards.

Website accessibility is an ongoing process. I continually test content and features for WCAG 2.2 Level AA compliance and remediate any issues to ensure I meet or exceed the standards. Testing of my website is performed by our team members using industry-standard tools such as Accessibility Checker, WAVE, color contrast analyzers, keyboard-only navigation techniques, and more.

Accessibility Features On My Website

The following is a list of items I have included in my site to improve its accessibility:

  • My site design has a mobile-responsive version with appropriately sized tap-targets.
  • I have thoughtfully selected a font that has marked differences in commonly ambiguous characters, such as the number 1, lowercase l, and uppercase I.
  • My brand colors were intentionally selected for color contrast and meet AAA requirements, even for small text.
  • Navigational aids are provided on all pages. Skip navigation links have been incorporated to facilitate keyboard navigation and to bypass content on a page, allowing users to jump directly to the primary navigation, main content, and footer.
  • All images and other non-text elements have appropriate alternative text associated with them.
  • Structural markup to indicate expected section containers, headings, lists, and buttons has been provided to make our content more understandable and “skim-able” by all users, regardless of device.
  • Forms are associated with labels and instructions on filling in forms are available, along with clearly understandable error states.
  • Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) screen-reader only text is present when links, buttons, icons, or images require additional context to understand their meaning.
  • A warning is provided before links open in a new tab or window.

Accessibility Support Contact

I welcome comments, questions, and feedback. If you are using assistive technologies and are having difficulty using my site, please email or give me a call at (585) 434-5653. I will do my best to assist you and resolve issues.