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What’s Your Vector, Victor?

So you have a client (or you are the client) ordering a promotional item to hand out to their clients. Grrreat! They decide on their handout of choice and you say, “OK, I’m going to need your logo in a … Read More

Is Your Business Wearing Mismatched Socks?

Put yourself in this scene: you’re networking (formally or casually), you’ve introduced yourself, shaken hands with a new acquaintance and are getting ready to talk about your business, when all of the sudden you point out the socks you’re wearing don’t match. Wait, what? Can … Read More

Spring Cleaning, Brand Inventory Style

Finally, it’s Spring! Open the windows and doors, swap your boots for flip flops, and give the house a good, deep clean. And hey! It’s also a perfect time to do a brand inventory. “Sounds painful,” you say, “complicated.” Complicated, no.  Painful…? … Read More


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