Is Your Business Wearing Mismatched Socks?

Put yourself in this scene: you’re networking (formally or casually), you’ve introduced yourself, shaken hands with a new acquaintance and are getting ready to talk about your business, when all of the sudden you point out the socks you’re wearing don’t match. Wait, what?

Can you imagine, if your mismatched socks are on accidentally, that you’d ever deliberately point it out? You’re a professional and work hard on your business image to show potential customers they should do business with you, of course you’d come dressed appropriately. But sometimes those darn blues and blacks are so close, the lighting was dim when you dressed and, if you realized they don’t match, you’re certainly not going to draw anyone’s attention to it.

Someone has gone through the steps of purchasing a domain name and built a website but lists a Gmail address?

Now let’s shift details a little in that scenario: you’re networking, swapping business cards, reading over the contact info and see the business website listed ‘’, yet right below the phone number appears the email address ‘’. *Insert sound of a needle on a record coming to a screeching halt right here. (Welp, I’ve just dated myself).*

Seriously, someone has gone through the steps of purchasing a domain name and built a website but lists a Gmail address? Stop. Right. Here.

Sure, there could be any number of reasons for this:

  • The business owner may not realize he or she possibly has a free email credit (if not more than one) to go with the domain purchase or the web hosting package;
  • They don’t want yet another email account they have to deal with;
  • They’re just not sure how to set it up and it’s easier anyway just to keep the one they’ve been using for years;
  • All of their existing contacts have that Gmail email address already;
  • The list goes on…

Ok, so I said there could be any number of reasons; never claimed they’d hold any water.

Bottom line: there’s not one good reason. Nope, not one.

If, Sweet Reader, I’m describing your website/email mismatched socks scenario, I’d like to ask you a few questions (and no, I’m not picking on you, I truly want to help):

  • Do you know if you get email with your domain or hosting service? Log in to your web account and start digging around. If you don’t want yet another email to monitor, well I’m sorry but, too bad. This is your business you’re talking about.
  • If you’re going to skimp here, where else are you cutting corners?
  • Should I trust doing business with you if you’re not that concerned about yours?
  • Do you think everyone already has your Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo! address, think again. Your potential new customers don’t, and this is one of those “First Impressions” opportunities – are you willing to risk blowing it?
…this is one of those “First Impressions” opportunities – are you willing to risk blowing it?

Your domain is your friend. You went through hoops to find the one that reflects your business, so why would you allow your business email to present anything less? Even if you have to purchase an email plan, they don’t cost that much and the overall value is more than worth the expense.


It boils down to this simple detail that shows clients your business is for real and you’re a professional. It’s not hard to set up properly and off you go. If you need help determining where you stand and what you need to do to take that final step, get in touch with me – I’m really happy to take the mystery out of pulling these two essential resources together and getting you on your way.


Image by Giles Alexander via Flickr

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